Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Adoption Update

Do you remember this adorable pair, Rhodes and Halo?  I fostered them briefly back in December.

Last week, I had an email from their adoptive mom, including photos, which she gave me permission to share here on my blog.  She tells me, "They are both happy as can be and as far as all of my family and friends are concerned, they are the most spoiled cats they know!"  It does my heart good to hear that.

I can't believe how much they have grown in the past six months.  You tend to forget how fast kittens become cats, and how small those kittens once were.  Of course, it seems that much more extreme to me because I haven't seen them in so long, rather than the gradual process it has no doubt been for their new parents.

No doubt about it, these are a cute pair of cats. If you think you might like to adopt two of your own, check out the Abbeycats website or a shelter near you, there are always lots of animals looking to find a permanent home where they can be loved and adored.  Just like Rhodes and Halo.

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely adorable! Thanks for posting an update. You're so kind to foster cats.
Jeanette from Pennsylvania