Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sketchbook No. 1

I started sketching on a daily basis last week.  I discovered Danny Gregory and I've been reading his books, "Everyday Matters" and "An Illustrated Life" and they inspire me to draw.  I had already caught the sketching/painting bug from Diana Trout, having travelled around Fabriano, Italy last month and watched her create beautiful pictures in her sketchbook.  I just needed to get a little braver to actually do it myself!

I bought myself a little sketchbook and decorated the already green cover with scrapbook paper, Distress Ink, sari silk and a number one from a box of numbers I got last week at an antique store (that I think had been used in a church on one of those signs that list the numbers of the hymns for the day).

I had already sketched a quick picture of my sister while we were waiting last week in the Emergency room.

The next day, I drew a couple of the charms on a John Hardy bracelet I have.

Then I drew a Dennison label box that I was bidding on on eBay (and didn't win).  That was for the Everyday Matters challenge #21 - "draw something old, antique or vintage".

When I rode the subway downtown the following day, I did a quick sketch of a man sitting across from me.  I really wished I had been brave enough to take my camera out and get a photo of him so I could take more time and draw him more carefully.  I will try to do it from memory at some point, not sure how that will go.

Next up was a drawing of Yonhee as she slept on my couch while I watched TV. I drew it in pencil and then coloured it in with watercolours.

Followed the next day by a drawing of the armoire in which my TV resides.

Before I knew it, I had a week's worth of drawings (with the Olympic rings I posted yesterday being sketch #7)!  Looking forward to doing more.


Anonymous said...

Yonhee is sitting in my spot!

Mary Ann said...

oh yay for you i love these!!!