Friday, July 13, 2012

Laurie and Nathalie

I am interrupting my Italian travelogue to tell you that my friend Laurie is visiting this weekend from Florida (she says she didn't bring this hot, humid weather with her and maybe she didn't, I might have brought home from Italy with me).  We're both taking classes over the next two days at Bizzy B with Nathalie Kalback, can't wait!

Here we are having dinner last night after I picked her up at the airport:

Tonight I took Laurie to dinner at a Canadian institution, Swiss Chalet (rotisserie chicken that most people swear by. I personally don't like the chicken but I do like their ribs, so it's all good). Then we went next door to another Canadian institution, Tim Horton's (famous for their coffee and donuts, and to a lesser extent, sandwiches) and tried the Cold Stone ice cream they recently started selling at one of the TH locations near where I live (dangerous!), a U.S. treat that has recently made its way north of the border.  Oh my.  I like ice cream but can usually take it or leave it.  This was good stuff. The peanut butter chocolate had chunks of Reese's peanut butter cups in it.  Big chunks.  Mmm. 

Laurie tells me we might have to go back again before she leaves on Tuesday, I think she might be right.  It's the least I can do as a good hostess, to make sure she enjoys her stay.  If it means eating more ice cream, well, it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it.


Jane Perala said...

We have one near us too - and I really didn't need to know that it is good - lol. I have so far managed to abstain - but that might we about to change.

Mary Ann said...

you have fun with laurie! i love it when friends visit from out of town!!!!!
don't steal any forks from the restaurants.