Thursday, July 5, 2012

Italian Street Art

One thing I noticed about Italy is that around every corner, on every street, there is something of interest.  Whether it is stylish architecture, a statue or an obelisk, an enchanting vista or random graffiti.

Street art in Italy takes many forms, from painted recycling bins

to stencilled images

Sometimes it's an inspirational message

other times, it's a piece of marble of an unidentified individual.

It's there in the shop windows

and painted on the pavement.

There are Madonnas tucked into alcoves on many street corners

and once, surprisingly, there was even a space monkey in an alcove.

The streets of Italy may be dangerous (I am proud to have spent two weeks in the country without being run over by a scooter, a bicycle or a car, in spite of the valiant efforts of many) and more likely to be cobblestoned than paved

but one thing is for sure, they're not boring!

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Mary Ann said...

loved those roman streets!!!