Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Last Day at PLAY

Sunday was the last day at PLAY and it was another great day but also bittersweet, as people started to clean up their tables and pack away their art supplies.  I got very little art made that day but mostly because I was too busy doing other things, like spending two hours in the morning in the used book store called "Insatiables". (The store was so delightful, it deserves its own post, which I will do later when I have more time - stay tuned for that.)  My new best friend Sarah drove Jane, my new older sister Michelle and myself in to town specifically to go to this store and we explored every inch of it looking for treasure.  Even though this was a second visit for each of us, we all found new goodies that we simply had to have!
L to R: Jane, Sarah, Karen and Michelle
Photo taken of me by Laurie the day before
By the way, I simply have to mention that as we were leaving the Fort to drive into town, we saw this woman walking her cat - it seemed quite an odd visual at the time. :)

We got back to the Fort just in time for lunch and afterwards, Tracy suggested we head down to the beach for a bit. As we got in the car, Elizabeth asked if she should bring her ukulele.  Can't say I've ever had anyone ask that question before but my goodness, what a great idea that was!  We did our own version of the classic Jack Vettriano painting, "The Singing Butler":

minus the fancy dress and uniformed servants:
Jane, Elisabeth and Tracy
It was a different beach than either of the two I had been to before, over by the lighthouse.  Lots of great photo opportunities.  The light mist of rain wasn't stopping us or any of the other dog walkers and beach lovers!

Tracy took this great photo of Elisabeth, myself and Jane together, I love it.

Around 4 pm, Steve Salik treated us to a very cool slide show (set to music) of a collection of the various light photos he and Tracy had been taking of all of us "in the closet" over the past 2 days. 

Then we did show and tell - everyone laid out what they had worked on or made over the past 3 days on their worktables and we all wandered around and had a look.  OMG, you would not believe the talent in that room!  I took lots of pictures but forgot to ask permission to post photos, so you'll have to take my word for it that it was all AWESOME!!

A group of us had dinner in town that night, at a restaurant located right next door to an antique store that Michelle, Jane and I just HAD to check out before heading in to eat.  There was the most amazing spool cabinet in there that I coveted deeply but the size (how would I ever get it home?) and the $2000 price tag were more than enough to convince me that I would have to settle for just a photo.

In the restaurant, they had paper tablecloths and crayons on the table so of course, everyone started drawing these amazing things. The waiter came up and his jaw dropped and when he said, "You guys must be artists!", we all had a good laugh!

Afterwards, we went back to the Fort where a few people were still making art while most of the others continued packing up.  Goodbyes were said, contact info was exchanged. No one really wanted it to end.

All in all, PLAY was a most amazing experience, I'm really glad I could attend.  A lovely group of incredibly talented people gathered together, just having fun hanging out together making art.  What could be more enjoyable?

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