Friday, February 3, 2012

Artwalk Thursday

We headed off late Thursday morning to pick up some art supplies for the weekend class Jane Davenport is teaching, after Teesha phoned a local business to see if they carried what we were looking for (Ranger acrylic paint dabbers).  We found ourselves in the premises of Ellen Hutson.  She and her staff could not have been more helpful and were, of course, delighted to meet Teesha. Ellen gave us a tour of their offices and even did a couple of demos with some of the products.  We picked out several goodies to take away with us.  Turns out she is from Calgary and has the cutest little dog named Jasper.

We spent a few hours yesterday afternoon walking around downtown Seattle.  Tracy dropped Teesha, Jane and I off in front of a map store and Jane and I checked out the maps while Teesha went to the bakery next door to buy us some fresh crumpets for tomorrow's breakfast (yum). 

We then headed to Pike Place Market - talk about awesome.

All sorts of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish (apparently you haven't experienced Seattle unless you've seen a fish being tossed in the market and yup, now I have! It happened too fast for me to get a photo though!) and lots of free samples being handed out.

Someone had told me that Seattle is a really "foodie" city and I have to believe it's true after walking through that market (and based on the amazing restaurants T and T have been taking us to every day).  After tasting some delicious lemon curd at the Truffle Cafe, I simply had to buy a bottle so we'd have something to spread on those crumpets!

We then walked several blocks down 1st Avenue, checking out a few stores and enjoying the sunny afternoon.  I took many, many photos of the architecture.  We popped in to the Seattle Art Museum but were disappointed to hear the Gaughin exhibit doesn't open until next week, so we didn't stay to look around.

In the evening, the Annex was open for visitors as part of the First Thursday Art Walk that is held each month.  We also checked out some of the exhibitors in the neighborhood nearby, saw some interesting artwork in interesting old buildings, one of which had this old telephone switchboard on the wall:

Dinner was a Philly cheese steak sandwich for Heidi (a friend from Journalfest 2011 who is taking Jane's class this weekend) and pizza, hand made for us by Al:

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