Thursday, February 2, 2012

LOMO Wednesday

We had been on the go non-stop for six days straight so we decided that Wednesday would be a quiet day at home at Camp Moore to give each of us a chance to catch up and slow down.  For me, that meant  downloading photos and printing some of them out on my POGO printer.  Tracy and Teesha were doing real work for their respective businesses while Jane got organized for the classes she will be teaching this weekend at the Artfest Annex (still time to sneak into the last spot if you're interested!)

Around 3 in the afternoon, Tracy drove us in to Seattle where we made a couple of stops, including a whiskey tasting place called "Mischief" where I saw this awesome sign:
This might need to be my new slogan for Cynful Creations
and then we headed over to the Annex, which is their downtown Seattle studio, for the evening LOMO meet.  Lomography is creative photography using old school analog film and there are groups getting together to take photos and share techniques all over the world.  It's just one of Tracy V. Moore's passions.  There are lots of cool cameras available to take these photos with, but last night I stuck to documenting the evening with my DSLR.  Here are some of the photos I took:

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James said...

This is so cool, I have been dying trying to find lomo lovers around my area. Nice photos!