Monday, February 6, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge

Someone shared this challenge on Facebook on Jan 31st and even though I was in the middle of my trip to Seattle, I decided to play along. Why not play along, I thought, since I was taking tons of photos every day anyway. 

Here is where the challenge originated:  Fat Mum Slim blog entry. 

The idea is that for each day of the month, you are to take a photo based on the suggested daily prompt and then post it somewhere - on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  There was a similar challenge for January, so maybe this person is going to do one each month?

It's a great idea. It really makes you aware of your surroundings and it's also very interesting to see how different people interpret that day's assignment.  For example, yesterday's prompt was "10 a.m.", which I interpreted to mean that I needed to take a picture of where I was and/or what I was doing at that time. 

Heidi is doing the challenge as well, so she and I decided to take pictures of each other in the Artfest Annex studio as class with Jane Davenport was about to begin.

Today's prompt is "dinner", which for me, will be served on a plane somewhere between Seattle, Chicago and Toronto.

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