Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A new guest arrived last night.  Everyone needs a little joy on Valentine's Day, don't they? 
Joy the cat
I picked her up at the vet as she had just been spayed (her litter of 3 kittens were all recently adopted). She was only supposed to stay one night with me but the prospective (new) foster mom got cold feet, so she's going to hang out here for a while longer.  She hasn't met the other cats yet, I'm keeping her separate for a few days to make sure she rests and recuperates after her surgery.

She is so beautiful, very soft and fluffy and super friendly and affectionate.  Lots of white whiskers both above and below her eyes.  I've been trying to get a photo of that cute little black smudge under her nose but haven't quite been successful yet.

She also has a notch in her right ear, can you see it?

Gives her a bit of biker chick or pirate queen kind of edge, don't you think? ;)

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