Thursday, February 9, 2012

Furniture Repair Required

When I got home from my trip to Seattle, I noticed that the fabric on the arm of my sofa was torn.  As anyone with younger cats knows, sometimes things get damaged - your rug, your furniture, your bedding - that's just the way it is.  And a little corner of this fabric had been pulled away from where it belonged before I left, so I wasn't too surprised.  Although the two foot long piece of metal with multiple spikes on it that was lying on top of the dresser nearby (tucked safely out of harm's way by the catsitter) was of great concern to me, luckily none of my furbabies had stepped on that!  Apparently it had been sewn into that piece of fabric and used to hold it in place when the couch was originally constructed.

But as I sat down across from this torn spot this morning, the thought occurred to me that with the tear being so large, it might just be big enough for a cat to fit into and I found myself wondering what would happen if one of the cats went in there to investigate.  No word of a lie, it was less than two minutes after I had had that thought (I swear cats can read minds!) when, sure enough, Yonhee climbed right in there and made herself comfortable. 

As soon as she disappeared in there, Beans had to go take a look:

(If you look near the table leg in the photo (click on photo to enlarge it), you can just see two little bulges where Yonhee was sitting, almost as if she was lying in a hammock - very comfortable indeed!)

I eventually convinced her to come back out and knew I'd have to close up the hole while I was away at work today, rather than risk any more couch interior explorations taking place while I was gone.  So I leaned a couple of wallpaper books up against the arm of the chair as a temporary measure until this weekend, when I shall sew it closed properly.

Beans didn't seem to mind

but Gus seemed a bit disappointed that he'd missed his chance to explore the new hiding place.


Anonymous said...

That spiky thing is scary looking.

Taylor schapiro said...

You really need to write a book about your cats using the same point of view and pictures that you do on your blog. It cracks me up and I am not a cat person.

Taylor schapiro said...

Also your title should maybe be called FURniture repair required.