Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two Weeks Today

In just two short weeks from today, I'll be boarding a plane for Paris, on my way to Toulouse and from there to Durfort. I can't wait!

I'm starting to make a pile of stuff to take with me, making lists, dusting off my passport, digging out camera cords and battery chargers. I bought some Euros (of course, I had to pick them on a day upon which the Canadian dollar was at its lowest in 2 weeks, but that is just the way it goes). I've confirmed cat sitting arrangements. I'm still debating whether or not to stop my mail but if you can believe it, Canada Post charges by the full week, you can't just pay for the actual days that you want. I'm not sure it's worth $36 to have them hold my mail for a full 4 week period when I'm only away for 17 days, I don't get too much snail mail and of course, what I do get is mostly bills, so I'm still pondering on that one.

I definitely feel the need for a vacation. I'm afraid to check my calendar but I think I haven't had an entire week off since last November and I'm really starting to notice how much I could use a break. Work has been crazy busy the past few weeks, I don't quite know why. I thought it would be quiet while everyone else took a summer vacation but half of them seem to be pushing hard to get a whole bunch of things done before they go and the other half are just pushing hard to get things done, for no particular reason of which I am aware. I'm pretty sure they're not purposely trying to make my life miserable but it sure seems that way some days.

I have a feeling I will just want to sleep and veg the first few days we're in France but since I'm hoping we'll go the Saturday morning farmer's market and then the Sunday morning flea market after arriving on Friday afternoon, I'm hoping I will be energized enough to enjoy those experiences to the fullest! I am looking forward to napping with the sound of the waterfall at the back of the house (the actual "cascade" that gives La Cascade its name) lulling me to sleep. C'est bon, no?

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