Friday, August 13, 2010

Fear Not Friday the 13th

Yes, it's Friday the 13th again.

Did you know that every month that begins on a Sunday will contain a Friday the 13th? If that isn't enough, there is at least one Friday the 13th in every calendar year. I found this information on the Internet, so it must be true (she said with tongue firmly in cheek).

It's also ATC night at Bizzy B so I'll be off to join the ladies for the card swap. I did my cards at the last minute this time around so they're not as exciting as I might have liked but c'est la vie.

My theme was "don't be afraid". The photo on the right shows one of my cards. This month, I made them all very similar, just moved the wording around or used just the cat's face on a couple.

Stay tuned next week for photos of everyone else's creations!

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