Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Magical Cupboard

Here's a picture of a fabulous cupboard I didn't buy two weekends ago at the Aberfoyle antique market. But I wanted it the minute I saw it. I don't know what I would have put inside it or where exactly I would have put it, but I would have figured that out. I just couldn't justify the $800 price tag (did I mention I'm going to France in just FIVE MORE SLEEPS???).

Check out the rustic paint job:

the very trendy hook and eye latch and empty keyhole:

and even more incredible hinges.

Even before the vendor told me it was Russian in origin, this cupboard made me think it belonged in the circus for some reason, I think it was something about the old paint. It made me think of one of those circus wagons that look like they've been travelling around the country for years and years. Maybe this cupboard rode inside of one of those wagons, holding the lion tamer's whips or props for the guy who threw flaming knives at a beautiful woman in a fancy costume.

Two weeks later, I'm still sorry I couldn't give this magical cupboard a home.

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