Friday, August 20, 2010

Stamp Detail

Thought I'd share some photos of a few of those stamps I was telling you about yesterday, the ones I bought in Aberfoyle two weeks ago.

I love the postmark on this one, from Madison Square Station in New York City in 1938:

How psychedelic is this one? It doesn't have a postmark but could be from any other time than the late 70's? I think not.

Or how about this one, asking people to stop traffic accidents:

There was also a little tiny waxed paper envelope with these stock transfer tax stamps inside:

I find stamps fascinating. I've never been a true collector but I do recall ordering a bag made out of thin cotton from an ad on the back of a comic book when I was a kid, which arrived chock full of stamps, which I then stuck into a book I had. I'm kind of wondering whatever happened to that book, it would be interesting to see what's in there all these years later. I can't imagine throwing it out but I don't know where it would be otherwise. But now that I have this new stash, I might have to start paying more attention.

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