Friday, August 27, 2010

First Day in France

By the time you read this, God willing, I will be in France, making my way from Paris to Toulouse to the small village of Durfort, just east of Toulouse in the Mid Pyrenees (did I spell that correctly?)

I am taking my laptop with me and I plan to blog on a regular basis, as part of me wants to continue my regimen of blogging daily since I haven't missed a day yet in 2010. However, part of me is so darned tired of staring at a computer screen at work all day, every day for the past several months that the idea of not blogging and possibly not even turning on said computer for 17 days is mighty appealing.

So if by chance you visit my blog over the next couple of weeks and only see my smiling face in a field of sunflowers (as per the photo above), please forgive me. If that happens, click on the link to Kate McKinnon's website on the right and read her journal to see what my travelling companions and I are up to and know that I am having a wonderful time somewhere in the south of France with one good friend and 3 lovely ladies I am meeting for the first time.

But chances are, you'll know all that from reading about it here. Stay tuned!!

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