Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Specs

I recently treated myself to a new pair of glasses. I have been wearing the same pair for the past four years and while they are of a style that doesn't really go out of fashion, when I was trying on new ones and ended up selecting one that is almost identical to the ones I was planning to replace, I figured it was time for a change.

Since I prefer to have clip on sunglasses, my choice of styles is limited. The alternative is to have two pairs of glasses made - one with regular lenses and one with tinted lenses. At close to $500 a pair, the second option is rather an expensive one. As my prescription had not changed for distance, only for reading purposes, I chose instead to keep my original pair to use when I need sunglasses and bought a funky new pair to wear every day.

They are navy and green in colour and have very cool circles decorating the arm bands. I feel very artsy when I wear them.

Of course, new glasses in such colours meant that I simply had to make jewellery to go with them. Here's a picture of the wire crochet necklace I made, using a variety of green beads and some vintage lucite navy blue hearts:

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Rachel Nelson-Smith said...

Green, green, green... I like the green!