Friday, April 3, 2009

Where's Stephen?

I'm still chuckling today over the Canadian version of "where's Waldo". It was reported yesterday that the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, was "in the loo" while the group photo was being taken of the attendees at the G20 Summit in London, England. Mr. Harper denies that explanation and his representatives claim that he was being briefed about "on the progress of the conference by Canadian officials" (which seems odd to me - why do you have to be briefed on what's happening at an event that you are personally attending? Are you sleeping through it or just not paying attention?)

One story I read said "anyone who has ever sat for a family photo knows that things don't always go as planned". That's certainly true for my family. We all laugh today when we look at one particular family group shot. I cringe when I see it, because the photographer arrived earlier than expected and I wasn't able to finish curling my hair, so it is dead straight, with the bangs held back with barrettes, and looks totally unflattering, as far as I am concerned. One of my brothers is wearing a salmon coloured "leisure suit" and running shoes, because he either couldn't find or didn't have dress shoes (but then again, it was a leisure suit so hard to imagine what other sort of shoe might have suited the look better). My sister looks like she has been crying because she had been, after my dad decreed that our dog Duffy couldn't be in the photo. Naturally, this upset all of us because we thought he was one of the family and since this was to be a family photo, he should be included. (Luckily, my dad changed his opinion of the dog over time and grew to love him just as much as the rest of us did).

However, eventually the shot was taken and although we can all still remember the events taking place behind the scenes that day, we're all present and accounted for and nobody was in the bathroom at the time (although you can't see the dog sitting just out of camera range, we know he was there).

Luckily for Canada, the summit officials took the picture again and Mr. Harper was present for the second shot. Sadly, the leaders of Italy and Indonesia were regrettably absent for that one though, doing heaven knows what. They're probably being laughed at home right now too.
Now you see him (far right, second row, photo #2):
Now you don't (photo #1):

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