Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spiral Sparkle

Check out this week's Inspiration Challenge on the Beadfx website. Stephanie and I were given a Swarovski square, some 8 mm crystals and a beautiful 11/0 seed bead mix called "Samba" to work with.

As usual, we crafted two totally different pieces. Stephanie isn't keen on seed beads, so she ended up making a wirework piece and embellished it with the beads we were given. I, on the other hand, love the seed beads. Made a spiral rope with some lilac delicas and added a couple of embellishments at each end, what we called "chicken feet" when Kate McKinnon taught us how to make them in Mexico. (In this case, I think they look a little prettier than actual chicken feet but that could just be because of the jewel tone colours and the 4 mm crystal accents!)
I used the crystal square as one half of the toggle and made the toggle bar from a headpin and eye pin combination. It feels a bit flimsy but I'll see how it works out. Hopefully it will stand up to use. If not, I shall use a heavier gauge wire.

I've only made part of a spiral rope before, so I was pleased to finish one, even if it is only choker length. I really liked making it though, will have to get busy and make some more!

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