Sunday, April 12, 2009

Signs of Spring

Last week's snow is slowly melting, all that is left are these random chunks which I call Snowhenge, as they remind me of the stone circles found here and there in the British Isles...

Yesterday, I was looking at a little book that my Mom has called "Flower Guide - Wild Flowers East of the Rockies" by Chester A. Reed from 1907. The preface begins like this: "Whose heart is not gladdened at the sight of the first Mayflower or Arbutus in the spring?

I confess I don't even know if Mayflowers (also known as trailing Arbutus) bloom in Ontario (perhaps the book is speaking of east of the American Rockies?) but for me, besides the sight of the first robin, the sure sign that spring is on its way is the arrival of the crocuses. Just when you think you can't wait another day for spring to arrive, you notice these hardy little blooms poking out of the ground and you realize there is hope.

Of course, they have to share space on the lawn with melting snow but they don't seem to mind, soaking up whatever sun they can and spreading their cheer to all. A reassuring sign that the earth is thawing and seeds and bulbs are waking up and ready to share their beauty with us once again. My heart is indeed gladdened by this sight.

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