Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lampwork Bracelets

I didn't do my regular Thursday night Beadfx studio visit tonight. I decided to stay home and make a few more pieces for Sunday's jewellery show instead. I was making a few bracelets using lampwork beads.

The black and white bracelet features a focal bead I made myself. I'm quite fond of this bead for some reason, it's funny how one bead can capture your imagination. Something about the random black and white swirls appeals to me.

I also made this green bracelet using some beads I bought from Unicorn beads. The swirls of colour in these beads are quite attractive and I like the look mixed with the stone chips.

Here are the matching earrings:

Then I made this fun little bracelet with a turtle bead I bought from a TBS vendor, Dawn Masters of Silver Dawn Jewels - she always has wonderful beads for sale but these turtles were quite different from her usual fare - isn't it cute?