Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Two things to celebrate today, the first being the fact that this is my 200th blog posting. Where does the time go?

It is also Earth Day. I'm a bit confused as to why Earth Week and Earth Day fall so far past the day we celebrated Earth Hour but presumably there is a good reason for this.

Google has a beautiful picture for its logo today:

As part of the Earth Week celebrations, Toronto is holding its annual "20 minute makeover" on Friday. Everyone is encouraged to go outside and spend 20 minutes picking up garbage, starting at 2 p.m. Our company has asked everyone to pick up litter on our property. I figure it's just a good way to get free labour so they don't have to actually hire someone to do the job, but what the heck. Did I mention they are feeding us pizza for lunch beforehand? I'm so in!! :)

Lord knows, there is lots of litter about, after a long winter of stuff piling up in snowbanks and blowing in from who knows where. I'm going to volunteer to be the bag holder, as I'm pretty sure my back won't like all that bending. I'm wishing I had one of those sticks with a sharp pointy thing at the end that professional litter picker uppers have, that would be cool.

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