Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day at Beadfx

It was a busy day yesterday at Beadfx. I went by for a couple of hours to do some lampwork and because they were having an open beading session featuring cupcakes for Valentine's Day. Me, I can't resist a good cupcake, although I didn't have the right ingredients to make any so I took along some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies instead, just to mix it up a little bit. Jen brought in her Red Velvet cupcakes and her own personal entourage, made up of her mom, her daughter Mia, Mia's friend Rachel and Rachel's mom. The little girls started to make tiaras and then got distracted by trying on all of the jewellery pieces the staff had made that were on a display table, so that they ended up wearing every piece they could get their hands on and the moms were left to finish making the tiaras! (For some reason I never did have explained, the tiaras included beads that looked like bananas. Carmen Miranda would have been proud!) The Dixon Chick was also there teaching one of her now famous wire crochet classes. In the afternoon, there was a chinese knotting class which it turns out my friend Colleen was there to take and just as I was leaving, my sister Janine arrived to do a little torch work of her own. So all in all, it was a very enjoyable and social day at the bead store with a bunch of my favourite beading people!

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