Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Night 2009

Last year after the Oscars, The Dixon Chick created an amazing wire crochet necklace inspired by the one worn by Nicole Kidman to the ceremony. (I hope she doesn't mind my copying this photo from her blog. Doesn't she look fabulous??)

It was the first time I really noticed the connection between jewellery styles we see on TV and those we wear in our every day lives. It simply hadn't occurred to me that I could make something similar to what someone famous might have worn to an awards show.

This year, I was paying more attention to the jewellery. Did you see the necklace Amy Adams was wearing?

What about the one that Tiraji P. Henson wore?

The Swarovski crystal curtain framing the stage was also beautiful. Imagine what you could make if you had 92,000 crystals in your bead stash!

P.S. A very special shout out to my niece, Alex, who is celebrating her 11th birthday today!

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