Monday, February 16, 2009

Remembering A Long Ago Summer

I am feeling a bit nostalgic today. I spent part of yesterday scanning and posting some photos from a summer job I had at Ontario Place almost - gasp - thirty years ago. Can't believe how young we all were back then. It's funny how it seems like just yesterday and it seems like forever ago, both at the same time.

Thanks to Facebook, a bunch of us from that summer are in touch again, which is why I was digging out the photos to share with everyone. It's pretty nice to be in touch again after all this time. We're all older, a little grayer and/or heavier, most are married and/or parents (which is a bit harder to wrap my head around since we were all single and unencumbered and so very young back in the day) but still the same people in a lot of ways.

It's interesting what scraps of information the brain holds on to and what pieces fall away over time. Looking at the photos from way back when, I was remembering the fun times we had when the snapshots were taken, thinking about a guy I was dating back then, remembering a friend from that summer who was killed in a car accident a few years later at much too young an age. It was like any other job - sometimes boring, sometimes challenging. We worked six day shifts and then had three days off, which we often spent together. Parties, cottaging, weddings or just hanging out. Most of all, I remember having a lot of fun with a lot of extra special people.

Here's a picture from those good old days, of me and a girl named Nancy in our hostess uniforms in front of the Cinesphere - yup, I'm the one on the left.

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