Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Finding Blog Topics

Most days, I don't seem to have any trouble finding something to write about on this blog. But some days, like today, for some reason, it's a little harder. I have a couple of topics in mind, but for various reasons, I can't quite complete a post on any of them at this point in time. For example, I can't find one of the subjects to take a photo of it to demonstrate what I want to talk about. (yes, there are still boxes to be unpacked from the move but I'm down to the non-crucial, no idea what's really in there and where am I going to put the stuff anyway boxes, so it could be a while before that particular item is found.)

I could tell you I'm continuing to watch the Oscars from the other night, which I taped because I like to fast forward through the not-so-exciting parts and the commercials. I've only gotten as far as when Heath Ledger's family accepted the Oscar on behalf of his daughter, which was very touching, and then the guy who was the subject of the documentary "Man on Wire" (the one who walked across a tightrope strung between the two towers of the World Trade Center back in the late '70s, which I first read about in Kate's blog) balanced an Oscar on his chin and made a coin disappear, which was très amusant.

I could share a few dozen words with you about the something in my fridge that is smelling a little funny and I'd throw it out but I can't find whatever it is, which means I really should spend more than 30 seconds looking for whatever it is. But somehow, I don't think you want to hear about that!

Or I could tell you that I can't type, because my chair is occupied...

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