Saturday, February 21, 2009

Back to Class

My sister Janine and I and another wowan who was in our class last fall, Lorri from Nortel, have all signed up for another session of intermediate lampworking classes with Dwyn Tomlinson at Beadfx. I like taking the class, because it's eight weeks in a row of torch time so you have a chance to get into a rhythm, plus Dwyn is teaching us and she is so talented and willing to share her knowledge, as well as being very patient with and tolerant of us newbies.

The first week of the new session, we made drawer pulls. Instead of working with a plain mandrell, you use a threaded one and wrap the glass around that to form the base of the knob, the part that screws onto your cupboard door or drawer. You just have to be careful as you're winding on the glass to be sure it doesn't unscrew and slip off!

They turned out kind of cool, although the colour scheme has a little bit too much blue in it, not sure what I was thinking of when I picked those colours. They don't match my decor, but still, I was pleased with the end result, considering it was my first try at making them!

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