Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tina Koyama

For some reason, this rain/snow mix of weather we've been having lately is making me think of Seattle. I've never actually been there but I've heard it's a lot like Vancouver and it rains a lot there.

In February of 2008, Seattle's own Tina Koyama (on my left in this photo) taught several classes at Bead Junction and I was lucky enough to attend two of them.
The items we made were this beautiful Phoenix pendant:

and this Crystal Confetti bracelet (which was my first introduction to herringbone stitch, which I really enjoy):
Here's her website, if you want to check out her stuff: Apparently, she's branched out from working with beads and now does more work with fibres. But the really cool stuff is in the "Sculptures" section of her website - you've got to check out what she does with pasta!!!

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