Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Even Count Peyote

Last Thursday night, at the open beading night at Beadfx, Jen taught Stephanie and I how to do even count peyote with triangle beads. I'd already been introduced to the stitch in Mexico when Heather showed me how to bead around a cabachon (is that how you spell that?) with the stitch.

I especially like the effect with the triangle shaped beads, the way some rows show narrowly because it is the point of the triangle, and some are wider because it is the full width of the bead showing. It seems a bit random though, the way the narrow rows appear, I wonder if that's just the way it is or if, gasp, I'm doing it wrong??

1 comment:

The Dixon Chick said...

I love the beads you chose - especially the way the light plays off them. Guess I better get mine done...

But I was a little busy with our other challenge!