Monday, November 24, 2008

Key Day

I'm very excited - I picked up the keys to my new place today. I am officially in possession. Took over the first load of stuff, which included toilet paper, cleaning supplies, a bag of cat food, a new frying pan, 2 lamps and a bath mat. Okay, it may not seem like an entirely logical collection of stuff, but...I always take toilet paper to a new place because what if you get there and there isn't any? That's also where cleaning supplies come in handy, because you don't want to use the new washroom until you're sure it's clean. I went shopping at Walmart today to get shelf paper and passed by the cookware section, picked up a new frying pan because I've been abusing the old one with an SOS pad and now the non-stick finish is all pock-marked, so sooner or later, I'll need the new one. I bought the bag of cat food the other day, because there don't seem to be too many Petsmart locations around this city so I thought I should get a bag while I was in the neighborhood, because it might be a while before I'm back that way. The lamps were in case there weren't any lightbulbs in the overhead lamps but there were, so I didn't really need them. I took the bath mat because I have two full bathrooms at my old place and I was packing up one of them a few weeks ago and put the mat in the box that had the toilet paper in it, since it was the first box I filled. So you see, there is logic in there...sort of.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia. What fun! Remember to leave your old broom there and buy a new one. Well unless its May you don't want to be buying a new broom in May that's for sure. Leave your troubles behind in the old broom. Abundant Blessings to You! Sharon