Monday, November 10, 2008

We Will Not Forget

A couple of days ago, I was fortunate enough to turn on the TV just as a show called "The Road to Passchendaele" was starting, a documentary about the making of the movie "Passchendaele" (directed by Canada's best known Mountie - thanks to the TV show "Due South" - Paul Gross, who also plays the lead in this film, which is a far cry from the very entertaining "Men With Brooms"). It was quite interesting to see behind the scenes of this movie that commemorates an important contribution by Canadian soldiers in a battle of World War I that most of us Canadians hadn't heard much about in history class. This show was followed by a special called "Vimy Ridge: Heaven to Hell" about a huge offensive attack made by Canadians during the Great War. Both shows were fascinating and I would recommend that you watch them, if you ever get the chance (set your VCR or PVR - apparently the Vimy Ridge program is showing on the History Channel on Remembrance Day at 6 p.m.).

Thank you to all those brave men and women who served in the Armed Forces in days gone by and to those who continue to serve this country today.

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