Monday, November 3, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

Did you remember to change your clocks back? My little Carly thought I needed reminding, isn't she a clever girl?
It's always a weird time of year, once again getting used to waking up and driving to work in the dark, driving home again in the dark. At least we'll be spared the rush hour driving into those right in your eyes October sunsets (at least until it starts again in April) and for the next few days at least, we Ontarians will apparently be spared the need for the winter coat, as we are scheduled to enjoy temperatures in the 15 to 20 degree territory, very balmy and above seasonal for this time of year.
The weirdness continues as everyone is eagerly/anxiously watching to see what happens with the US election tomorrow. Of course, we Canadians are just so proud of our boys from Quebec who managed to punk Sarah Palin - take that, Ashton Kutcher!
Just to make things feel even stranger than usual, the price of gas is dropping again tonight by more than 6 cents to 85 cents a litre, what is up with that? Did the oil companies get together at their weekly price fixing brunch and decide they really don't need all those exorbitant profits they've been making off us for the past few months/years and decide to give us a break on the price for a change? According to my personal records (I've been tracking my car expenses on an Excel spreadsheet for the past couple of years, geeky eh?), we paid 88.5 cents a litre in February 2007 but we haven't paid 85 cents or less since December 2006, can you believe it? I'm going to fill up, even though I only need half a tank, just to get that number on this year's spreadsheet. :)
Ah yes, Hallowe'en might be over for another year but life is full of weird and wonderful things every just never know what the next day will bring but an extra hour of sleep now and again is always a good thing!

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