Saturday, November 22, 2008

One Week To Go

I am moving in a week's time. I've had two months to prepare and back then, it seemed like a long time ago. Now there are only 7 packing days left and I only have one more room left to finish, which is entirely doable. I've packed more than 80 boxes and thank goodness, I'm just about done.

Of course, I'm leaving my beading supplies to pack last. Some of my collection is already tidied up and tucked into boxes and bags, ready to be moved to the new place. But a lot of it is still out and being used. Up to now, my process has been that I pack for an hour or two, then sit down to rest my back, either at the computer or with a beading project. It seems to be a good system - while I'm packing, my subconscious is designing and playing with colours and bead choices, so that when I go back to the beads, I'm ready to create something.

One thing about packing, you just never know when you're going to turn up a bit of buried treasure, usually in a box or a cupboard you haven't opened in a while. Today I found a couple of divided trays that I used to use when I sold Mary Kay products, with all sorts of little compartments that will be perfect to hold beads or toggles or headpins or whatever I want. They're a pretty pink colour and made out of a very sturdy plastic, with a clear lid so you can see inside easily, about 8.5 x 14 inches in size and about 1.5 inches deep. I had completely forgotten about them. I opened a box that been tucked away under a chair in a corner of the room for quite a while now, and there they were. I can't wait to put something into them.

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