Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote "Yes" for Change

It appears that history is in the making today, as the United States of America elects a new president. It's exciting to watch the colours on the map fill in in either red or blue and try to figure out what the difference is between electoral votes and popular vote, and Senate seats vs. House of Representatives - it's like a whole different language for us Canucks. A heck of a lot more exciting than watching Stephen Harper get re-elected 3 weeks ago here.

I feel ready myself for a change. It's time to do things differently. I can't change other people or the world in general, I can only change myself. I can only stand up and say, I take responsibility for my own actions and choose to go forward as of today and tomorrow in a different direction. I'd like my words to match my actions and I vow to do my best to make that happen. I am human and I will make mistakes but hopefully I will learn from those mistakes, whether it takes days or weeks or, in some cases, years to learn and accept the reality.

Kate has this picture on her website tonight and I love it:

I wish President-Elect Obama all the very best in the next four years and I pray to God he lives safely through that term in office. It will be interesting to watch what happens next. I am hopeful for all of us.

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