Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trip Report - Day 4 - From Oregon to Washington

We were up early the next morning to head out of Coos Bay, OR on our way to Seattle, WA.  The view across from our hotel was quite striking as the early morning mist hovered over the trees.
It's always interesting how a picture can take you back to a specific and very detailed memory.  When I look at the picture below, I can remember everything about the moment when it was taken: I was standing in the parking lot of the hotel, waiting to board the bus. It was a little chilly and a little damp.  A truck full of logs drove by at the same time as a train was passing through town. I was taking pictures of the trees on the horizon and listening to the train whistle blow and the sound of the train clicking along the rails.
Lots of green along our route.
The reflections on the windows (like the one above where you can see the checkered pattern of my coat!) sometimes made for some pretty interesting photos, like this one of the face of the woman sitting behind me superimposed on the car carrier in the lane beside us.
It was another long day on the road, another 400 miles to be covered.  Part of the way, we watched a DVD about Alcatraz that one of the trip organizers had bought when we were at the Golden Gate Bridge. This particular one was kind of cheesy but also interesting.
We had a quick lunch at a truck stop in Portland.  I have several friends who live there and wished we could have stopped long enough for a visit with them but we had a game to get to!  Grabbed some food to eat on the bus and off we went again.
Lots of rain along the way, off and on all day.  And more trees, trees, trees! 
 Luckily, clearer skies awaited us as we arrived in Seattle late that afternoon.

Day 87/100 - #100dayproject

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