Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Junk Drawer

I bought tomato juice this week. Normally, I buy the set of six little single serving cans but they didn't have any of those on the shelf so I bought the 540 ml/19 fl oz size instead.  But when I got home and went to open the can, my can opener was nowhere to be found.

I have searched through my junk drawer several times, thinking it must be in there, but to no avail. There are so many other useful but rarely used items in there, surely this drawer is the logical place to keep the can opener which I can't remember using any time in the last decade??
I don't even know what to call the type of can opener I'm looking for - the one that punches tiny little triangles into the top of a can of liquid contents.  Not the one that cuts a circle around the top of the can, allowing you to lift the lid off.  The one that has a bottle cap opener on the other end, also known as a "church key".

A couple of days went by before that dusty corner of my brain where this particular tidbit of information was stored reminded me that there was a container full of even less frequently used kitchen utensils under my sink.  And sure enough, the can opener was in there (along with an egg timer, a wooden pate spreader, a spare pair of egg beaters, a gadget for measuring different serving sizes of spaghetti and a tarnished set of silver sugar tongs that have claws on them that look like birds' feet - where the heck did I get that?!).  

Now, as I sip on a cool glass of tomato juice, I have to ask myself: do I really need all the miscellaneous items jumbled up in my junk drawer?  And if so, why don't I use them more often?

Day 75/100 - #100dayproject (wow, 3/4 of the way done!)

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