Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trip Report - Day 3 - From California to Oregon

After my visit to the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, CA, I met the group for breakfast at the local Denny's.  They had a number of old photos in frames on the wall, including this one of the local baseball team in 1920.
After a filling meal of pancakes, eggs and bacon, we drove out of town and headed north.  There were trees, trees and more trees everywhere along the route.
An hour or two later, we found ourselves in the midst of the giant redwoods forest.  We stopped to take pictures beside the big trees.
We stopped for lunch in Eureka, CA and then headed back out on the road.  I sat on the west side of the bus, hoping for views of the coastline but once again, it was mostly trees, trees, trees.
At one point, we stopped at an elk viewing area (can't remember if it was morning or afternoon).  There were several elk in a field, munching away on the grass, generally oblivious to our presence.
I also got a picture of a swallow. We'd seen several of them flying about the Oakland stadium but I wasn't able to capture them on film. At least this one was sitting still for a moment or two!
There were occasional glimpses of the rocky shore and various beaches.

Unfortunately, I can't tell where we were or what beaches we drove past. We didn't stop at any of them and our guide didn't provide any information about what we were seeing.  I took photos out the bus window and hoped they would be in focus.

We arrived in Coos Bay, OR, just before sunset - about 400 miles from where we'd started that morning.  We were treated to a delicious beef dinner at a local restaurant and then driven to our hotel, where we all went straight to bed, in anticipation of another 6 a.m. wake up call the next day!

Day 85/100 - #100dayproject

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