Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Trip Report - Day 2 - San Francisco

Our first full day in San Francisco started off quite foggy as I again admired the view from my 26th floor hotel room.
In the light, I discovered my window faced the waterfront. There were lots of ships out on the water, far off in the distance.
After breakfast, I had just enough time to take a short walk around the block. This large tree and the pretty turreted building beside it was quite a sight to see!
At 9 a.m., we all got on the bus and headed off for a tour of the city.  We saw many interesting sights but all rather blurry and quickly passed by. We drove past the stadium where the San Francisco Giants play baseball, which looked quite impressive. Hopefully I'll have a chance to see a game there some day.
We spent some time driving along the waterfront and got out of the bus for an hour or so to explore Pier 39.
Here's Mom and me, taking a look at Alcatraz.
Our next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge.  We had just enough time to get off the bus and take photos.  What a magnificent sight!
By the time we got to the ball park for the afternoon game, they were already in the middle of the fourth inning.  The final score was Toronto 7,  Oakland 5.
As soon as the game was over, we got back on the bus and headed off to northern California.  It was beautiful countryside.
We followed a very winding road from the highway towards the coast in the dark and sometimes rain. We arrived at our destination around 9 pm, the small town of Fort Bragg, California.  We had dinner in a local restaurant (not the best meal I've ever had) and then were driven to our hotel. Another late night!

Day 79/100 - #100dayproject

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