Monday, November 16, 2015

A Walk in November

I was stuck indoors all day Saturday, nursing a cold.  The coughing and sneezing continued yesterday but I couldn't resist the lure of a mild, sunny November afternoon and took myself out for a walk in the afternoon.  It was perfect weather for raking leaves or hanging Christmas lights, and several people were doing just that.  I had my camera with me and took a few photos of things I saw as I strolled through a small wooded area near my home.  It's interesting to see what is revealed now that most of the leaves are off the trees.
The shadows were long, even though it was only mid-afternoon.
I was interested to find this tree marked with "TNT", not sure why.
The tones of nature are mostly brown and grey right now, but every once in a while, a little splash of colour remains.
Someone had built a teepee frame out of branches.
Probably not the same someone who has been using this spot for a smoking hangout (which I suspect are kids from the nearby high school). The amount of cigarette butts on the ground is quite alarming!
I thought these leaves were interesting - they look windblown but they are actually dried in this position. They remind me of birds in flight!
The leaf nests left behind by the squirrels are easy to spot at this time of year.
Just as I was making my way back home, I came across this ball someone had left behind against the curb.  Almost as if someone was saying, "Have a nice day!" as I passed by. :)

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