Friday, March 28, 2014

Haiku My Heart: Vacation Bound

Counting down to the
day I fly away south,
seeking the sun's warmth.

My soul longs to be
free of present day worries,
to relax and breathe.

Vacation calls me,
a siren song of delight
I cannot resist.

Haiku My Heart Fridays are celebrated here at recuerda_mi_corazon.


J C said...

Are you flying away to sunny Florida? Hmmmm not much sun here lately. Beaches are pretty empty except for spring breakers. Cool temps too. But warmth is in sight next week. Have a wonderful time wherever and whenever you go.

rebecca said...

i love the way you give yourself these respites of soulful delight.
warmer climates and artistic nourishment, the company of brave expressive souls!
this is how i has fortunate enough to meet you.

Lea said...

What a wonderful post. May those longings for warmth and rest and time to breathe... delight you indeed!