Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Winter's Day

It was a good day for a drive yesterday.  My sister and I headed up to the cottage in the morning.  We don't usually go there in the winter since our place isn't insulated, which means no heat and no running water once the freezing temperatures set in, but we needed to check on something up there so we decided to stop in on the way to visit our mom.

It was rather grey in the morning when we set out but the snow on the trees and fields was quite pretty. There was certainly a lot of it, as you can see from these photos of the cottage road.
Here's my sister strapping on her snowshoes so she can climb over the snowbank and walk into our property to check out what she needed to check.

I was fascinated by the layers of snow piled on the fallen trees in the bush along the road.
We then spent the day visiting with my mom, who lives about half an hour away.  On the way there, we passed this frozen beauty, created by water dripping between the layers of rock on the side of the highway.
We left to head back to the city around six and enjoyed a pretty drive home as the sun was setting.  The roads were dry and clear, except for a little bit of drifting snow in some places.
These were the highest snowbanks we saw all today.

The clouds and the setting sun were so beautiful, I couldn't stop taking pictures (one of the advantages of being the passenger instead of the driver!).  Too bad the windshield was a bit dirty, adding few extra streaks and smears here and there, but oh well.
Winter is such a pretty season.  If only it wasn't usually so darned cold!


Diana Trout {} said...

Fantastic photos. I agree with you. Winter can take your breath away both visually and literally. kiddin'
i think the light in winter is the best of the year

carol l mckenna said...

Absolutely beautiful wintry photos ~ cept I am more than ready for Spring ~ even a 'warm day' would be a delight ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol

Kathie Vezzani said...

Great pictures, Cynthia. Looks very cold!