Thursday, March 27, 2014

Graphic Design: Good and Bad

I made a quick trip to the grocery store today at lunchtime.  In the parking lot, I saw this truck with a fabulous logo painted on its side:

I was really impressed with the art work.  It's very eye-catching and perfect for a business named Bobcat.

Inside the store, as I made my way down the first aisle, I happened to pass by this packaging and I was horrified.

Talk about a design concept gone terribly wrong.  This is a box of pasta and the picture is made to show someone with spaghetti noodles hanging out of their mouth but to me, the design makes it look like the person is throwing up, bleeding and/or suffering from a very bad cold sore.  It literally made me shudder.

Quite a contrast between good and bad art, in my humble opinion, all within a two minute time period!

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