Friday, August 5, 2011

Water Babies

I have discovered that Gus and Katrina are water babies.  Katrina has always enjoyed sitting on the edge of the tub after my shower, catching the drips from the rubber bath mat I have hung to dry.  Now Gus has discovered he likes it too. (This is after they have taken turns walking the edge of the tub while I shower, prowling between the shower liner and the shower curtain, with me hoping neither one falls into the tub while I stand there naked and wet, imagining the painful scrabble of kitty claws across my unprotected toes as they try to climb back out should such a fiasco occur.  So far, luckily for all of us, especially me, that has not happened.)

Today, I left the tap running after I was done showering, just a small trickle of water that seemed to amuse both of them to no end.  They played and drank and swatted at the water until I decided it was time to turn it off, leaving both cats with wet paws and foreheads, thirsts for water and fun quenched for the moment.

Beans was not as amused, preferring to play with the toilet roll holder instead

or pose prettily for pictures,

while Maggie lay in the bathroom doorway, completely unimpressed with the whole situation.

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