Monday, August 29, 2011

A Sunday Sale

The jewellery sale at the cottage went well yesterday. 

Hurricane Irene kept the weather cool, the skies grey and the winds high - can you see the whitecaps in this picture?  We rarely get them so it's always something to remark upon when it happens.

As a result, we set up indoors. Ellen put the John Hardy jewellery out on the dining room table
I loved this dress Ellen was wearing!
and I set up in the living room.

Of course, like any good party, sooner or later, everyone ends up in the kitchen!

As an extra bonus, Moira brought some freshly picked pears off of her tree.  I'm thinking I need to make some pear crisp, don't you agree? They're not quite ripe yet but I'm checking them daily to know when they are ready to eat.  Moira told us to check at the top of the pear, near the stem - if it feels soft there, the pear is ready, don't wait until the round bottom is soft or it will probably be too late - good to know!

Many thanks to all who visited and especially to those who shopped. It's always fun to have people drop by and have a glass of wine or an iced tea and a chat. There seemed to be a number of happy shoppers as well, so that is also gratifying. I'm always thrilled when other people like the jewellery I've made, it's so much fun to see someone else wearing and enjoying a piece that you have created.

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