Friday, August 19, 2011

More Auction Treasures

Still going through the treasures I bought at the auction last week.  The bidding started with a very small collection of jewellery and Karen quickly snagged some lovely pieces at quite reasonable prices. My first purchase was a box of little charms. There were 13 of them, including a teapot, some decorated shoes, a Santa Claus, a pair that might be athletes and a little black cat. They all seem to have been painted originally but most of the paint has come off of several of them.

There is even a Peter Pan and Tinker Bell pair!  Not sure why they are chained together, it seems a little kinky for Disney, am I right?

I made a little bracelet and attached Pete and TB to it, I'm thinking somebody's grandma might want to buy it for them next weekend at the jewellery sale we're having at our cottage.

I've also been making some charms of my own using acrylic pieces I bought from Retro Cafe Art. (I can't say enough positive things about them, by the way - excellent selection of products (especially the stencils), very reasonable prices, super speedy delivery and rock bottom delivery charges. Plus Kristin replies very quickly to Facebook and email queries and super helpful.  Not to mention the fact that I got the tutorial on how to make the charms directly from their website - here)  I've been using some of the old photos I've been collecting over the past year or so as well as scrapbook paper for the charms, here's a sampling:

I've made one bracelet with the charms so far, also utilizing my growing collection of buttons:

I can't quite decide if I should leave this one as is or add a few more embellishments - perhaps some dangly beads in complimentary colours?  Your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

This bracelet is perfect as it is!