Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Muse is Awake

I've been planning to make some new jewellery for the first time in a very long while and set aside this weekend to do so, as we're hosting a jewellery sale at our cottage in a couple of weeks with our good friend Ellen Woodward who will be selling samples of John Hardy's amazing designs (John is her brother). 

Last night, after a really exhausting week at work, I thought I'd take it easy, go to bed early and wake up this morning ready to go.  My muse had different plans.  She was wide awake and busy swirling ideas around and around in my brain.  So instead of falling asleep around 10:30 as I had planned, I was awake until about 2 a.m., in spite of being physically exhausted and struggling to keep my eyes open.  I simply didn't have the energy last night to actually start putting together any of the pieces my brain was coming up with but I did write down a number of ideas.

After a mere four hours sleep, my brain was awake again and after dozing a bit longer, I got up, had breakfast and started making jewellery. I've been at it all day, working in copper, using some fabulous beads from Earthenwood Studio.  They are a steampunk design and I love them.  Here are a few photos:

Tomorrow I'll be switching to silver, putting together some charm bracelets.  But first, I'm going to move my jump rings and pliers to a location on the couch and watch a bit of the 6th Harry Potter movie before bed. Okay, maybe I'll put down the pliers for now...


Anonymous said...

Very pretty jewelry!

Pretty Things said...


Email me if you're going to make it to Art and Soul (although I know it's a HIKE for you!)