Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A German Photo Album

For those who might be wondering, yes, you guessed it - I bought yet another vintage photo album at the auction last week. Bidding went quite high for it and I ended up paying $90 but the album is full of fabulous photos so I think it was worth it, based on what I have seen of vintage albums over the past few months.  The cover is nothing too exciting, a worn leather embossed floral design:

and is quite worn in spots

but the binding is still in good shape and there are lots of photos inside.    Some of the inside pages are damaged as well, as you can see from this photo of this lovely Fraulein in a hat, but I think that adds to the charm.

The guy beside me told me they must be German photos, because the men are wearing German army uniforms. I love this one especially, he told me soldiers were often photographed this way if one arm was shorter than the other - I think maybe he was kidding about that? Still, it's a neat photo, don't you think?

Sure enough, the back of this cabinet card confirms its Germanic origin and it turns out, most of the other photos in the album were also taken by German photographers.

Besides pictures of handsome soldiers - isn't this guy dreamy?  What is it about men in uniform??

- there are also beautiful ladies in fashionable outfits:

and kids in various poses. My favourite is this little guy, who looks quite alarmed to be having his photo taken!

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