Monday, August 1, 2011

Peerless Saturday

When Taylor sent me 40 Peerless watercolour paint pieces (I blogged about it here), we both remarked that neither one of us had used the paints for anything since watching Jane Davenport use them to great effect while we were in Portugal.  So we decided it would be fun to both paint something with them on Saturday and share the results on our blogs.

Taylor painted a very cute picture of rabbits, you can see it here.

I drew this picture of potted flowers on a table with (of course) a cat underneath.

(although I see I wrote the date as "June 30", when I meant to write "July 30" - d'oh!)

The next day, I drew this picture while playing a game with my mom and sister at the cottage - can you guess what game it was?

Thanks again for the paints, Taylor, and the challenge to use them!

1 comment:

Taylor schapiro said...

Love them Cynthia and I love playing yahrzee too. You should have brought it to Portugal for our spare time.