Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Something Called To Me

This past Saturday, I stopped in at an antique store that is on the way to our cottage.  I tend to drop in once a month or so, to see what's on offer.  Some days, I just get that feeling that it might be a good day to stop and check them out. Saturday was one of those days and I was not disappointed!

The first thing I saw was this cabinet of map drawers, which I immediately wanted.  Alas, it was already on hold for someone else, which is just as well, since the price tag was $250 - yikes! Plus the exterior is oak so the darned thing is probably as heavy as sin. But wouldn't it be great to have something like that, with all those drawers the perfect size to hold scrapbook papers and ephemera? Ah well, a girl can dream.

I thought maybe it was the drawers that had been calling my name, pulling me off the road and luring me in to the shop but after I took this picture of a neat old cash register beside the drawers

the very next thing that I saw was ... (wait for it)...a vintage photo album!  Right away, I knew that was why I was there and for only $25, I could not say no to it's siren song.  The outside cover is totally faded and falling apart, but the clasp is intact and just look at the pages - there are golden castles and windmills on them!!  How magical is that???

I picked up that album and carried it around while I checked out the rest of the store (couldn't risk anyone else taking it!).  I loved these stained glass windows

and the old bottles lined up prettily in a window

and this steel picnic basket was adorable.

I was also tempted by this drum, I always wanted to be in a marching band.

And this engine room telegraph - can't you just hear the bells ring to signal a change in direction or speed?

The owner told me she is going to be busy this weekend bringing in a bunch of new stuff in time for the long weekend, so I just might have to stop by again this Saturday.  Plus they're right across the street from a bakery that I'm told makes the best strawberry rhubarb sour cream pie E-V-E-R.  Well, you've got to test these things out, don't you?  You can hardly take someone else's word for something like that, no matter how reliable the source.  Hopefully I will get there before they're sold out.  Maybe something besides the pie will call my name that day too.

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