Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some Stories Have Happy Endings

The problem with the news is that it always seems to be bad news we hear about.  "Bad news on the doorstep", as Don McLean would sing about the paper boy making his rounds.  War, murder, death, taxes, politics, fire, tragedies of any and all sorts make front page news.  What we don't hear enough of is the good news stories.  I'm glad to be able to tell you this story as it comes with a very happy ending.

Do you remember I told you about Walter and Dexter back in this blog post?  I heard about them from my catsitter, whose company had been hired to look after these two 10 year old cats when their human was in hospital for several months.  When it was determined that their owner wouldn't be coming home to the house but would need to live in a longterm care facility, a new home was needed for these two gentlemen.  I first heard about them last October and I was shocked to hear a couple of weeks ago that all this time later, they were still looking for someone to take these fellows on a permanent basis.

I agreed to pass on the information and sent an email to some friends and co-workers who I know are cat lovers.  I am very pleased to report that the woman who did such an amazing job looking after my darling Max last September when I went to France for two weeks (sending me regular updates and photos the entire time I was away and asking after him regularly once I got back), my work colleague Tracy, decided to adopt Walter and Dexter after reading that email.  A week ago Friday, they came to live with her.

It seems they have settled in very well.  They have been renamed Oliver (Walter) and Corie (Dexter) as their original names had been picked for them by the catsitters, they didn't even have names before that.  No doubt they are thrilled to be living in a clean home with furniture and a live-in human companion after all those months in an empty, dirty house with only the visits from their catsitters (who did such an amazing job of caring for these two under strange and difficult circumstances, they are obviously very caring individuals) for company.  As you can see from the photos below, they appear to be taking full advantage of their new surroundings.  Tracy reports that they were a little cautious at first, hiding under the bed or the dining room table from time to time, but judging by these photos, they seem to have quickly made themselves comfortable.
Oliver (formerly known as Walter) takes a nap

Corie (Dexter)

A snoring cat is a happy cat.
It does my heart good to hear a story with a happy ending like this, to know that Tracy feels so blessed to have these two part of her life now and to know, as I do from personal experience with my own cat Max, that these cats are equally blessed to have Tracy to love and care for them.  The cat sitters are pleased to know that the cats have gone to a forever home where they will be safe and cherished.  It's definitely good news story all around.

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