Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Newest Guests

Four new fur babies came to visit this afternoon.  I got a call yesterday telling me they were on their way, but I didn't want to get my hopes up too high, since last week when I got a call, it didn't happen.  But this time, all went according to plan and they are now residing in my guest bedroom so I can keep them separate from Katrina (who so far doesn't seem to have noticed they are here) and let them get used to being in a new place.

Someone called the surrender line at Abbey Cats and said they had these four kittens they wanted to turn in.  They kept the mother, who hopefully won't be missing her eight week old babies too much.  Janice from Abbey Cats very kindly picked them up and brought them over to my place after taking part in Toronto's Million Mutt March (to end breed specific legislation) this afternoon - now that's what I call a dedicated animal advocate!

As soon as we pulled them out of the cage they arrived in, they all found quickly found hiding spots.  Two of them are black, although luckily they each have different markings so I can tell them apart (unlike the Weather Cats!), the third is a tuxedo cat (black and white) and the fourth is a lighter-coloured tabby.  The three black cats are are fluffy, medium hairs while the tabby is short-haired.  She also appears to be the runt of the litter but she might just seem smaller because of her short hair, as the fluffy hair makes the others look bigger.  She has the cutest little face.  She wasn't sure she should stay still to let me take this picture but she was more tired than frightened, and could hardly keep her eyes open once I started gently stroking her fur.
Janice had a look at 3 out of the 4 of them, there seems to be one boy and two girls.  We're guessing the fourth is also a girl but she or he quickly positioned herself behind a table leg and we didn't get a chance to check him/her out.
When last I checked on them, all four were squeezed into a corner under the bed.  I wasn't even sure until I took this picture that the fourth one was with them, she or he was tucked in behind the others!
Aren't they adorable??  Next step, figuring out names!  Any ideas? Don't forget, there needs to be a theme.

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J9F said...

My suggestion for a naming theme would be Elizabeth Taylor;
Liz or Lizzie, Eliza, Beth and for the male kitten, either Taylor or Ricky, for one of her husbands, Richard Burton.